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Sprinkler Head Types?

There are basically two types of residential sprinklers; ceiling mounted PENDENTS and wall mounted SIDEWALLS. A pendent sprinkler is installed in the ceiling and sprays water in a circular pattern. A sidewall sprinkler is installed in a wall 4" to 6" down from the ceiling and sprays water in a half moon shape. Pendent sprinklers are the most common type with sidewall sprinklers commonly used in existing installation to be less obtrusive or in new construction to prevent installing pipe in an unheated area. Each sprinkler works exactly the same..... by putting water on the fire.

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Residential Sprinklers are Ugly?

Advances in technology have allowed for some aesthetically pleasing changes to residential sprinklers. Currently there are many different styles available to easily suit any decor. Sprinklers are available in a wide variety of factory finishes including white, brass, chrome or even black. If this does not suit your decor sprinklers can be specially ordered to match virtually any colour or finish.