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Flow Verification Testing

After all of the piping has been installed in a home there is a flow verification test that can be done to ensure all the components of the system are working properly and the calculations and installations are correct and will provide sufficient water to meet the demand as per the NFPA code and manufacture specifications for the sprinkler(s) chosen. This test has proven to be a very reliable test to indicate any problems with the water supply. The test is now mandatory on all NFPA 13D systems installed in the City of Vancouver, District of West Vancouver and the City of White Rock. The test is commonly referred to as the "put the water in the bucket" test and has proven to be a very valuable test.

The most remote one and most remote two sprinklers in any one room are removed and a play pipe is installed with the same size of sprinkler nozzle used throughout the system. Large buckets are used to catch the water as it flows from the pipes to determine the flow rate in gallons per minute.

After all results are recorded it is determined whether or not the system provided a sufficient flow of water and pressure as required by the manufacturer’s specification for the sprinkler model and spacing used in the home. If the test is done in an area where the pressure fluctuates, a computer program is used to determine the flow at any reduction in available pressure. Testing is done by companies certified by the Standards Council of Canada as a testing laboratory or done by the installing contractor and witnessed by the local fire department.

Click here to download the Flow Verification bulletin from the City of Vancouver.

Example of a Flow Verification Test             Example of a Flow Verification Test

(Example of a Flow Verification Test)

Example of a Flow Verification Test

(Example of a Flow Verification Test)